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    problem:  nukes forgets passwords

    Gary Cuozzo Newbie

      I've had a recurring issue since pre 1.0 nukes. Now and again, nukes will lose track of a user's password. I have not been able to attribute it to anything specific. I think it may have something to do with changing certain account settings, or maybe having sessions expire. I really don't know.

      Today, it happened with the admin user. I was logged in as admin, was messing around with some settings (email address, timezone, etc.) and left for lunch. I came back after a while, and can't login. Wrong password. This is the first time it's happened to my admin account.

      I've had many occasions where it happens to a normal user, and if I request a new password to be emailed to me, it's fine.

      Anybody else seen this issue? It seems like something pretty important to find/fix.