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    Email problems

    jphautin Newbie

      Hi everybody.

      I'm trying to make email working with nukes modules (forums and lostpassword) but i have few problems.

      When i use email module, it do not send any mail and so far do not show any errors. I look at the code and it seems that the function mxLookup send an empty response (empty list of Records). The consequence is that the server do not send the mail without any error message in logs.

      However, i Defined a mail server correctly in the JBoss console.

      What should i do to make the mxLookup works ?

        • 1. No news. No sections.

          I have nukes compiled from CVS and deployed. Now, I am ready to start playing with it. However, the main page does not show any news or sections, not even a link in the main menu.

          On a maybe related topic, I am rather unsure what setup.dll file(s) I am supposed to use. The instllation notes and tutorial say to use nukes/nukes/src/resources/hsqldb/setup.ddl, but it doesn't contain the table NUKE_SECTIONS. I guess I could also be using nukes/distrib/output/sql/setup/hsqldb.ddl, but it does not contain NUKE_STORIES or NUKE_COMMENTS.

          Or should I simply process all the following files one by one?


          -- Christophe

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            1/ set an DNS server address for the mxLookup thing
            2/ set JavaMailDebugEnabled to true

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              jphautin Newbie

              Hi Julien !

              I have already define the DNS server the company using. Without any success.

              I'm looking forward in the code.


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                Holger Baxmann Novice

                You should have an MX record in your DNS, it contains the adress(es) of the mail severs of your domain.

                If the response is empty so ask ask your DNS admins for adding a MX record pointing to your SMTP Server.