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    Any plans for any other databases?

    fbeatty Newbie

      Are there any plans or anything out there other than MySQL,Hypersonic,Postgres databases?

      Maybe MaxDB/SAPDB, Oracle etc...

      Thanks in advance...

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          jae Master

          oracle support already exists, altho it needs to be tested.

          once we get the full cmp solution working (there are a couple outstanding issues left that can be read about over in the dev forum http://www.jboss.org/index.html?module=bb&op=viewtopic&t=50742)
          then any database can be supported.

          that doesn't mean you can't add support on your own though. you'd need to write a ddl to create the "core" tables b/c all of the "officially released" modules (except the core) support full cmp and you'd also have to create the equivalent .properties file w/ all the appropriate values.

          if you're interested in doing this, post back and i can better explain the steps.

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            fbeatty Newbie

            Thanks for the reply...

            I am going to look at doing the ddl this weekend. I have messed with the properties files and the will double check them once I have the ddl done. I may post another reply asking for your assistance.

            Thanks again.

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              fbeatty Newbie

              Hey jae,

              I have modified the ddl and the jsp forms to take the new values for SapDB/MaxDB. I did the build and deploy for the installer. During the install everything appears to work fine until it hits the admin setup page. Once next is clicked it goes the the next page to do the update statement and fails (unknown table error). It fails because the tables have not been created in the DB. The userid has rights (the proper rights) to db and I can even see that the server has connected to the DB server (separate machine Linux).

              I have marked the database value with the "?trace=dir/file" and have looked at the log. It shows no errors until the one listed above.

              I know the table and index create statements are correct, I have tested them through SQL Studio as I built them. Can you tell me what source file does the executes for the SQL statements coming from the XML files?


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                jae Master

                i'm not really sure how the installer works. i've always created the tables just by executing the ddls directly against the database.

                if you have the ability to create the tables by hand, just do that and then deploy the modules w/o using the installer.

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                  fbeatty Newbie


                  Thanks for the info. I will go ahead and create the tables by hand and deploy the modules. I have to demo this for where I work, so it is actual work.

                  Just as an exercise, I will probably dig around in the build to see what I can find out about the installer. I saw the connections to the DB being generated, but no SQL statements were sent . It is like the statements are never being executed, well according to the trace and logs.

                  Thanks again...

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                    sqirl Newbie

                    Hi fbeatty,

                    I just installed MaxDB and plan to use it with nukes. Can you send me the ddl please... would be a great help!
                    sqirl at web.de


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                      olutosin falo Newbie

                      Hi fbeatty,

                      I would appreciate it if you could post the steps & the DDLs you used to deploy NUKES on SAPDB/MaxDB.

                      Falo (FaloAmeme@Yahoo.com)

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                        jaejong kim Newbie

                        Does RC3 works with oracle9i?