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    How to create new conten like News or Articles?

    tstening Newbie


      i downloaded and installed JBoss Nukes and it seems to work. After log in as admin/admin my first intention was, to create a new Article to see, how the CMS-functionality works. After looking around for a while I can't figure out, how to do it.

      Can anyone please give me a short description, how to create a new article, how to create a link to the article and how to show the linked article in nukes?

      How can i create new menu and new Menuitems at the left of the screen? E.g. I want to click on a menu-item "News" and then the a Page, filled with news should appear in the center column of nukes.

      Or is all this only possible by Programming own Modules in Java? I hoped it's as easy to use, as PHP-Nuke?!


      p.s. sorry for my bad english :-)