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    wiki documentation added/update

    jae Master

      i've spent some time updating the installation instructions to be more streamlined and consistent for the 1.1 release (all the previous instructions have been moved and linked).

      i've also started some basic administration guides for the modules, including a section on how to setup permissions for the forums.

      feedback, corrections, etc. are welcome.

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          Hello Permissions master,

          Well looking at some of the other posting in this forum a lot of other folks are having trouble setting permissions for blocks so only certain groups can see them upon login. This seems like it shold be a simple permission (ie a group views it or not).

          I too am having trouble doing this. I've got a wonderful grasp of permissions on the menus (I'm dealing with over 150 distinct groups for our support portal!) but the same permission settings don't work on a block, which leads me to think there is a bug in the permissions code for blocks.

          In my htmlblock Mbean view in the JMX Console, here's what my security looks like:

          This should allow only groups A and C to see the block, but NOT B. However, the block continues to display.

          What da heck am I doing wrong?


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            Sherman Wood Apprentice

            The block has to explicitly use the security you set. The functionality is not there by default. The permissions in the htmlModule are about the document, not whether the block displays.