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    Renaming a file id

    Stephan Förderung Newbie

      I have a file with file id "/file1.html" which has a HTML link to "/file2.html" where "/file2.html" is also a valid file id. Everything is fine. But when I rename file id "/file2.html" to "/file3.html" and the click on the link in "/file1.html" I get the error message "The file id is not indicated". This is because of the broken link in "/file1.html".

      Is there a way, to protect the user from broken links, e.g. special tags (instead of "a href" tags) which are replaced when renaming a file id? Is it possible to search for broken links. Is it Possible to find all file ids which are linking to a same file id?

      What if changing the context root of nukes? All links will be broken?