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    HTML block permission setting


      I've just "copied" the seabreeze theme and modified the html code as I wanted, added my css, images and renamed the package and theme (sections code and name of the jboss-service.xml)... the theme works well but every page I view gives a "ERROR : mytheme not registered" message... what does that mean? is it a real serious problem?
      thanks for your help!

      (bravo les mecs, nukes est bien sympa!=)

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          florent Ducroizet Newbie

          moi ça me fait pareil: j'ai du mal à gérer les droits de mes blocks html pour plusieurs groupes, toutefois tu as regardé les droits dans la table des attributs des services de ta base de données nukes? (j'ai des problèmes de connexion à ma base alors des fois j'le fais à la main, des fois aussi ça marche :))
          Aussi, il y a un niveau de permission NONE, mais il enlève les droits??
          Je l'ai essayé en "double emploi" mais sans succès... tu l'as essayé?
          I encounter the same problem, did you try modifying the rights yourself in the nukes.services_attributes table of the nukes database?
          Also, I was wondering: there's a NONE permission level that could be used but I failed using it.

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            I try ANONYMOUS / NONE but no effect.

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              florent Ducroizet Newbie

              really I don't understand, whether I create my block with the Nukes create fonction then set permissions or deploy one with the security attribute in its jboss-service.xml file, I can't get to make the permissions work, I wish someone would help with the patterns... should I use:
              NameofMyBlock:nameofSource.html:.* ? what's the meaning of .*:: ? I can accept that .*:.*:.* means everything but that pattern doesn't work for my HtmlBlock... also I haven't found the secAuthAction(...,Constants.SEC_ACCESS_READ) call, where is it located? should I add it in my block's code? in the render method? hmm sorry it's probably painful to read but I need help with patterns mostly :)

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                In the htmlblock Mbean view in the JMX Console there is a checkbox to set the block to show for annonymous users or not.

                DisplayedWhenAnonymous true false