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    Another noob question re properties..


      I've looked (seemingly) all over, but I cannot figure out where to edit basic properties for html templates; e.g. "user.RegisterNow". I know this must be obvious..I have checked the JBoss/Tomcat docs. I was hoping this was something I could do from web-console, but I cannot even find an .xml file for this.

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          Anyone?? All I need to know how to do is change the text or message that gets inserted into the html templates.

          Last thing I need before launching the page!

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            There are properties files for templates where these substitutions are declared.
            I haven't got the sources at hand but if I remember correctly you should look under src/ressources.....
            And there is some cross-module confusion, what I mean is, that you might find the property not in the obvious properties file but in the core (or even completely different).

            if you are on unix I would suggest to do something like

            for i in `find . -name \*.properties` do; echo $i; grep 'The text you like to replace' $i; done

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              joe hobson Newbie

              I played with localizing a test Nukes module in the recent past and was never able to get it to show me anything other than English. After some work with localization on ColdFusion i've found that it's most likely because there's no easy way to change locales in Nukes. I assumed that when you edit your account information and choose a different language that it would set your locale, but that doesn't seem to do it. Even with the JBoss site, when i change to French, everything is still in English.

              In the end, i've been happy with what i've been able to do in ColdFusion with localization, but not with Nukes. I think the frustration though is because i have 6 years of CF experience and barely any with Nukes/J2EE. So if you figure it out, please share what you find. Thanks... .joe

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                jae Master

                there have been efforts for this, but no solid movements forward. if you search back, you will find other threads on this topic and some of the things that need to be done (break module dependency on "core" constants, additional languages, better externalization, etc.

                under each module under resources/org/... you will find a languages directory and the property file is in there. if you don't see the string you are looking for, that means it's hardcoded in the source.

                i'm not sure if switching locales is really supported yet b/c there haven't been a lot of translations done.

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                  Thanks guys. Found it in nukes-lib:


                  not sure how I missed this...

                  Now I am thinking that I may need to end up editing the template directly anyway; kind of a kludge, but I want to replace the age sign-in with something else.