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    the relation between template and module



      I am trying to understand the jboss nukes structure.
      My Status:
      I am able to check out from cvs, build, deploy and run properly for nuke 1.1.

      When i reading the Wiki documentation(Theme Template.doc file) and the source tree of nuke-1.1. I have following questions:

      (Q1)In nuke-1.1/nukes/src/bin/nukes-lib-jar/org/jboss/nukes/core/themes/ directory. there are a few themes are defined as html templates (extralite, maiden, pure etc). How and where are these templates loaded by the system?

      (Q2)How and where are the template html files combined(rendered together) with the modues deployed in the system? Please specify the name and location of the related file (java file or xml file).

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