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    Selecting rows with rich:dataTable

    JP Smith Newbie

      Hi all,

      I'm developing a Web 2.0 application and making use of RichFaces (which is excellent, by the way). I would like to create a DataTable which will allow users to click on a row in order to select it. I saw that this is possible with a rich:scrollableDataTable, but I have very specific aesthetic needs which makes it unsuitable (I need a complicated header, a footer with a DataScroller and I don't want the DataTable to scroll). Is there anyway I can get similar functionality on a rich:dataTable?

      Thank you

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          Anton Newbie

          I was facing same problem, but i used scrollableTable (not sucsessfull yet)

          As i see the way you need (going to do same soon too), is to define onclick for rows and handle them by a4j:jsFunction. If you need to change apearence of selected row, do it manualy by changing classes.