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    Newsletter module for Nukes?

    Martin Giljohann Newbie

      Hi all,

      we are currently looking for alternatives to our existing java cms and jboss nukes really looks very promising. But I would like to know is if there exists a module for a newsletter, e.g. with subscription management or newsletter generation? Maybe even from existing news items which were written with the news module?

      I could not find anything about this in the documentation. But on the jboss homepage there is the possibility to subscribe to a newsletter. And the jboss homepage is based on Nukes for JBoss...?

      Many Thanks,

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          Viet Master

          there is some embryon newsletter module that exist in the CVS but it is not very developed. All you can do is subscribe, then you need to get the list manually and put it in some real newsletter software. So obviously this module need a consequent amount of work to be operational.