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    Removing Default "Modules" Menu Title from Default Menu


      This may be a very simple question, but how do I remove the "Modules" text from the default left navigation menu on the default Nukes install? I can't seem to find it in any of the admin gui links nor in the JMX Nukes console.

      I'd like the "Discussion Forums" menu item to be right underneath another menublock I created, giving the impression that it is a part of that menu.


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          john doe Newbie

          For my own need, see http://enfanceetcroissance.com I have modified the menuBlock class to remove the module section for all users except admin.

          I want a complete control of what links users see, so I make the menu content by working on "before" MBean property (you see what I mean uhh ?). Thats my personal choice, somehow against pure CMS spirit.

          To achieve this, I have sub-classed menuBlock, created my own custom class and replaced menu-block-service.xml from jboss deploy rep by my own one.

          You can also modify the original class ...

          My mods are VERY trivial, find the render method in MenuBlock.java andpaste this one

          public void render(Page page)
           user = getApi().currentUser();
           if (user!=null) // We are connected
           //System.out.println("login= "+login);
           renderMenu(page, bulletBefore, menuBefore);
           if ("admin".equals(login)) renderModules(page); // Hide modules for non-admin
           renderMenu(page, bulletBefore, menuAfter);

          If that's not clear, just ask me more.
          I'm looking for ideas to make it cleaner and perhaps add it to CVS (Nukes 2 ?)