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    Try Nukes Without Having to Install Anything

    Danny Thornton Novice

      Hi all,

      I have a server setup so people can give Nukes a try without having to do any installations. You can go to http://www.wymaya.com/initNukesdeploy.do?uniqueid=null& and enter a Nukes context and your e-mail and you will have a Nukes web site within about 15 minutes. Enter your e-mail and context at the bottom of the page. Your e-mail is needed to send some Nukes specific information and some getting startng tips and to let you know when the Nukes web site is available.
      I had originally developed a J2EE CMS system of my own, complete with message forums, user management, chat, personal mail, component security, that kind of stuff, but stopped working on it to work for a startup. That was not long after the Nukes project was getting started. The idea was to provide web hosting for CMS web sites. I was very impressed with the direction Nukes was going and I later abandoned my proprietary system for Nukes. Unfortunetly I also had to abandon the idea of web hosting CMS web sites because of competitors like Yahoo, eApps, Bravenet to name only 3. The end result of all this is that I have Nukes web sites you can take for a spin for a day and do whatever you like with them.

      Have Fun Kids,