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    Pedro Martins Newbie

      Why do people teach on this forum that we should use only two folders(the classes folder has several subfolders, and then there's the META-INF folder) packaged into a sar file for deployment? In the nukes source there's a lot more folders and i believe that the deployment file is an ear file, not sar. I still haven´t understood this...

      Thanks in advance,
      Pedro Martins

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          Thomas Heute Master

          I don't understand your question, where do you see that one should use only two folders ?

          Anyway you don't have to worry too much you can package things your own way or use the existing build.xml if you use an existing one from any module, you will have to follow the same structure. (and put the binaries files in bin)

          Nukes is very flexible in the way you can implement a module.

          Look at any existing module delivered with Nukes. They are made following the same way, you can follow it or not, it's up to you.