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    Design strategy

    Pedro Martins Newbie

      I want to have a section in my Nukes where companies can register themselves, by entering their name, url and description. That information would then be rendered using a table in html. For that, i thought i should use a module ("Companies", i could call it). When people clicked on that module(in the left hand menu", a short description of the purpose of the link would be shown, as well as a link for the registration and the list of the companies already registered. But that is showing html, some of it static, which is not the purpose of modules. However, it is not a block, because it's not always present. I would like, i think, to link a module to a html page. Is it the best way of doing it?

      Thanks in advance,
      Pedro Martins

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          john doe Newbie

          Here is the way I would make it :
          Create a module, which is called by a link in the menu block (in the menu block service.xml you can put a pop-up comment)
          When you click, your module shows the possible choices (links) in the main area (see html module behaviour for example). This is implemented by a method of your module (usualy main)
          Other methods implement other actions : list companies, register ...

          In my opinion, design is not such a problem because of nukes framework guidelines. Main issues are :
          Directory structure creation for clean coding, building & deploying ;
          IDE (Eclipse ?) integration ;
          Persistence & database : EJB, CMP, CMR XDoclet ...

          My first module was issued in 3 days, next one 3 hours ...