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    EJB/Database access

    Pedro Martins Newbie

      I am trying to develop a module which collects information about enterprises and stores them in the database (i am using Mysql). I use a form which has three fields: name, url and description. In order to send the entered data to the database, i've figured out that i must use an EJB. My question is: should i implement javax.ejb.EntityBean, org.jboss.nukes.core.ejb.EJBBase, another one or none at all?

      Pedro Martins

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          jae Master

          it's really up to you. i believe that EJBBase provides default implementations for some of the methods required for the interface, so if you want to leverage that, go right ahead, otherwise, you have to provide the default impls yourself.

          pls make sure you normalize any fields that may link into the core tables, etc (you may not have this, but if you do). the wiki pages should document how to use the existing ejbs from the core so you don't have to duplicate that functionality.

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            Thomas Heute Master

            The persistence of your module is defined by you.

            You can use anything you want EJB, JDBC, Hibernate...

            You can look at the existing modules they use org.jboss.nukes.core.ejb.EJBBase but you don't have to.