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    Module access

    Pedro Martins Newbie

      I have a jboss-service.xml file that runs as follows:

      <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
       <attribute name="Security">
       <permission group="Admins" pattern="::" level="READ"/>
       <attribute name="Configuration">
       <operation name="main" display-name="Empresas" description="Mostra empresas" image="" hint=""/>
       <attribute name="DisplayName">Modulo empresas</attribute>
       <attribute name="Description">Modulo que mostra empresas</attribute>

      However, if i log in as a user, not admin, i can still access the module via the url


      Why does this occur?

      Pedro Martins

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          lcb Newbie

          Do you have some security check in your Modules main method?
          Somthing like this:

           page.sendError("ACCESS DENIED");

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            Pedro Martins Newbie

            This solution creates another problem. Including the code you gave me,

             page.sendError("ACCESS DENIED");

            not Level.READ (i think it was a mistake from you, am i right?), and changing the xml file to

            <permission group="Users" pattern="::" level="READ"/>

            when i log in as a user i cannot access the module! What's going on?

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              lcb Newbie

              Yes your are rigth, Level.READ was a mistake, sorry. Level.ACCESS_READ is correct.

              For me everything looks fine now, so i don't understand why you have no access.
              Can you please check some settings.
              First, is the user you logged in realy in the Users group?
              Check the permisson settings of your module. Is the rule you defined in the jboss-service.xml the only one for this module?

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                Pedro Martins Newbie

                OK. I've sorted that out but rather than changing the xml file, which was fruitless, i used the permission module, changing the group to 'All'. One last issue (i hope): i can only display this module in the modules menu if logged in as admin. Why is this happening?

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                  lcb Newbie

                  Take a look at the permisson settings for menu block. You must add there a rule for you module.