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    Convert Postnuke to Nukes on JBoss

    Mark Wilson Newbie

      is there any software help aids or cheatsheets for converting from postnuke (php) to Nukes?

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          Mark Wilson Newbie

          The problem is that I am defining:


          There is an interface javax.microedition.io.Connection in the package. My class is using javax.wireless.messaging.MessageConnection that extends javax.microedition.io.Connection. The code in bold below is being changed by JBossAOP, for javax.wireless.messaging.MessageConnection extends javax.microedition.io.Connection. But the probrem is that resolveCallerMethodInfo can not find the method close() in javax.wireless.messaging.MessageConnection, for close() is declared in javax.microedition.io.Connection. Then the exception is thrown. The method findMethodByHash only tries to find the method in the superclass, but javax.wireless.messaging.MessageConnection is an interface and don't have superclasses. It only extends interfaces (Class.getInterfaces()).

          javax.wireless.messaging.MessageConnection conn....


          Marcio Alves

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            Thomas Heute Master

            There is not. It is lot of work to convert something in PHP into something in Java.

            The templates should easily be reused though.

            If you are thinking about porting a module please let us know. At this stage it may be smarter to think about "porting" modules to JBoss Portal (aka Nukes2) as there is also some work to port a module from Nukes 1 to Nukes 2.