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    Way to Specify Login Index Page Per Group


      I want to be able to set a custom index page for each group within NUKES. Right now I only see a way to set a default page for anonymous members and all groups (via the core module)....

      anyone know how I can do this?


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          Emmanuel Lorge Newbie


          i have some ideas but i don't know if there isn't any easily way to do that.

          1st idea:

          In the login operation of the UserModule, you have an "url" variable. So, you can call this operation with the id of the html page you want to show (like /index?module=user&op=login&url=/toto.html)
          You can modify the loginBlock to do that but i don't know howto.

          2nd idea:

          you can modify the login operation. You can get the group of the user and redirect to a file like /GROUP_DEFAULT.html page.
          So, you have to store in the database a GROUP_DEFAULT page for each groups.


          Emmanuel Lorge