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How to start user defined [HSQL]database from JBOSS 4.0.0

Pravin J Newbie

I m using JB4.0.0, I have created two seperate databases myDb1 and myDb2 using

java -cp hsqldb.jar org.hsqldb.Server database.1 myDB1
and also created a server.properties file
In this way, i cud create a database and also start it using the above command. How should i modify the hsqldb-ds.xml file so that the user defined database starts up when start the jboss server
So basically, how to integrate a user defined database into the jboss server.
and i dont want to use the default database,
thanks in advance

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    Pravin J Newbie

    I would like to add few more points to my question, what im trying to do actually is to deploy 2 ear applications and im using HSQLDB as the database. The issue is, each of these application has a table name is common. So what is planned is to create seperate set of database specific to each of the application. I couldnt get much information from the hsqldb documentation.
    can any one tel me how to go about this..
    thanks in advance