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    modalpanel does not work on OC4J

    Marcus Gaspar Newbie

      Hi guys.

      I use in my application:
      myfaces 1.1.5
      tomahawk 1.1.5
      facelets 1.1.11
      richfaces 3.1.0
      oc4j (I have to use it)

      If I deploy my application on the Tomcat everything works fine, but if i deploy my application on the OC4J the modal panel doesn't work as it should.

      At the firefox the content of modalpanel is shown at the botton of the page with no style ... and the drag doesn't work.

      At IE, the modalpanel doesn't show up, all the content inside the modalpanel seems to be invisible on the main screen, but if I select all page in the browser (crtl+a) I can see the modalpanel is there (but no content is shown)

      I got the modalpanel exemple in the richfaces demo site and ran it on OC4J ... and it didn't work also ...

      Does anyone have idea what I should do?
      The Richfaces documentation says that OC4J 10G is suported ...
      What do I need to do to make it works on OC4J, as the same way it works on Tomcat?

      I do appreciate any kind of help.