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    rich orderingList

    Rachit Nepal Newbie

      I am new to rich faces.
      i created a orderingList with two column first coloumn has checkbox and next column has Name.
      I want to get the reorder list in controller class when it is submitted with a4j command button.
      But i am not getting it.
      How to do this.
      It threw error that the property not found.

      my view is like this:
      <rich:orderingList value="#{testForm.dimensionList}" var="list">
      <h:outputText value="#{list.dimensionName}"></h:outputText>
      here dimension list is list of object with two property boolean checked and String dimension name
      How to do this i want to get the reordered list in controller how is it possible
      plz help me
      Thanx in advance

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          Steffen Grimm Newbie

          have you added dimensionList as a property of your managed bean in the faces-config.xml?

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            Rachit Nepal Newbie

            thanx for quick reply
            i have not done that
            so what to do then (to add property as testForm is already a managed bean)
            gain thanking u

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              Rachit Nepal Newbie

              This is Dimensions.java class

              public class Dimensions {

              private boolean checked;
              private String dimensionName=null;
              with getters and setters of above properties

              The List of obejcts of above class is created inside TestForm.java which is a managed bean name with name testForm
              inside getDimensionList method of TestForm
              so what i have to specify in property name and property class in faces-config.xml

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                Steffen Grimm Newbie

                You only need to specify the dimensionList like:

                 <managed-bean-scope>the scope you need</managed-bean-scope>

                in your bean you define the List like:

                List<Dimension> dimensionList = new ArrayList<Dimension>();

                somewhere you need to fill your list with Dimension objects. (in the construcotr or in an actionmethod that you invoke via a button on the page or whatever)

                That should be all to get it running

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                  Rachit Nepal Newbie

                  i have declared the list in faces-config as u suggested but my problem is not solved. It is giving me same error that property no found on type java.lang.string.
                  It is rendering when the page is loaded but as i submit the list it throws error. my requirement is to get reordered list in backing beans.
                  your help is much appreciated.
                  again thanking you.

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                    Rachit Nepal Newbie

                    i figured out my problem
                    it is due to no converter so we should add custom converter

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                      jessie Newbie

                      hi,rnepal,could you tell me how to write the converter?