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    change default page


      Is there any way to change the default page that jboss portal shows when we enter?

      The page that i'm talking about is the index.html. The page says:

      Welcome to JBoss Portal - v2.0
      This is the default JBoss Portal Home Page for the 2.0.
      To access the admin page click here (You will have to log as an admin to be able to see the admin po
      To access the forums page click here (Will work only if you installed the forums portlet)
      JBoss Portal 2.0 is the next generation open source content management system (CMS) and portal frame
      work from JBoss. It is entirely standards-based and supports the JSR-168 Portlet specification, whic
      h allows you to easily plug-in standards-compliant modules to meet your specific Portal needs. JBoss
       Portal 2.0 is available through the business-friendly (etc...)

      And, I want to replace the welcome page with the login page.


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          To replace the default page, you need to change out the default portal:


          To replace the welcome page with a login page, you should look into implementing JAAS and setting the security constraints for your portal pages/portlets.