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    Dimitris Andreadis Master

      Regarding the implementation of the Deployers, is there any aop magic involved? I mean, the new MainDeployer will be another bean with the Deployers registering either initially or later on.

      Will Deployers be somekind of aspect/interceptor, or this is just at a conceptual view in the sense that they operate in a chain, for example.

      Are there any backwards compatibility requirements?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          The deployers are aspect orientated in that each deployer deals with its own
          core responsbility.

          Whether it uses an jboss-aop style container or an interface is an implementation

          People could plugin aspects that are not deployers, but they could do the
          same thing using aspects on the MainDeployer?

          It places a dependency on the MC deployer on jboss-aop. A better dependency
          would be the container abstraction.

          On backwards compatibility, the MainDeployer needs to show the interface
          externally as now. Nobody should be directly referencing an individual deployer.