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    Boston meeting  notes: ClassData model

    Adrian Brock Master

      The BeanInfo model will be replaced with a more appropriate abstraction.

      * The ClassData model defines the class
      * The BeanInfo model moves the MicroContainer module

      The ClassData provides information about a Class/Field/Method/Parameter and their
      annotations, etc.
      The ClassData will be similar to the current ClassInfo, however it will be extended
      such that JBossAOP can use it as a "replacement" for the javassist model.
      This has the following advantages:
      * Other projects (like the MicroContainer) can share the common data
      * Other projects see the resulting data *AFTER* any AOP processing
      * Optimizations can be made over the javassist current classes,
      e.g. dropping the unnecessary bytecode from memory after the defineClass operation

      The BeanInfo model is a description of the javabean rather than the class.
      i.e. it shows properties rather fields (which are getter/setter pairs) or
      it shows only public nonstatic methods or it adds things like events.
      This properly belongs in the MicroContainer module rather than as a part of a
      generic class description.