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    Boston meeting notes: Advices and AspectFactory

    Adrian Brock Master

      The integration point for Advices (one implementation is Interceptors)
      are the AspectFactories.
      The AspectFactories construct the advices/interceptors

      To better enable the integration this style of configuration (one object constructs another)
      the following artifacts will be added:

      A GenericAspectFactory will be developed that can be confgured using IOC
      which delegates to a GenericBeanFactory

      The GenericBeanFactory is also an IOC configurable object but with a twist.
      IOC injects the constructor and attribute configuration metadata objects, not the values directly
      The users of the GenericBeanFactory have it injected using IOC and the use

      Annotations and Dependencies
      In this use case, the annotations and dependencies need to also come from the
      constructed object (e.g. annotations on the interceptor) not just the main IOC object
      (the AspectFactory).
      I see this is a generic requirement where people don't want to construct everyting
      directly through IOC.
      So the solution is to provide a mechanism where the config can tell the microcontainer
      about these related classes that need to be processed for injection/annotations/dependencies.