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    Boston meeting notes: Container module changes

    Adrian Brock Master

      Bill thinks a better name for this module is JoinPoint

      This module will contain the following packages

      org.jboss.reflect - the ClassData spi
      a concrete implementation of immutable classes
      that are filled in by the ClassDataFactory implementation

      org.jboss.joinpoint - the joinpoint model including the join point factory
      Two implementations are currently anticipated
      ReflectionJoinPoints - using jdk reflection
      AOPJoinPoints - using the AOP advisors

      org.jboss.classadaptor - the integration and configuration spi
      * Integration point for retrieving ClassData
      * Annotation processing - (both retrieval and overrides)
      * Dependency resolution - resolving all dependencies from the resulting annotations and linked classes like the aop advices
      * JoinPointFactory retrieval

      NOTE: It is at this level that the annotation override processing will occur
      1) From any annotation override through the ClassAdaptor
      2) From any annotation override from "xml" configuration like jboss-aop.xml
      3) From the class itself