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    Boston meeting  notes: AOP module

    Adrian Brock Master

      The following changes are required in the aop module

      * javassist implementation of ClassData spi
      * pointcut expression matcher uses ClassData spi
      * AOP exposes itself through the JoinPointFactory spi
      * InstanceAdvisor needs all the features of ClassAdvisor
      * Load time AOP should store ClassData structures and dump javassist structures
      that consume a lot of memory
      * Generic ProxyAdvisor based on EJBContainer from EJB3
      * Changes to properly support serialization/proxying of generated classes for use on a client
      (including those with limited capabilities)

      Unrelated tasks but identified during the discussion:
      * AOP should support "layer aspects" where an advice can direclty implement the
      methods it is aspectizing
      * Annotation compiler should process imports so we can write

      import org.jboss.security.Security;
       * @@Security

      rather than
       * @@org.jboss.security.Security