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    Boston meeting notes: MicroContainer module

    Adrian Brock Master

      The following changes have been identified in the MC module

      * Reflection based implementation of ClassData spi where AOP/javassist spi is not being used???
      * BeanInfo model that serves as a wrapper for ClassData
      to provide java bean semantics, e.g.
      AttributeSetterJoinPoint("XXX") maps to MethodJoinPoint("setXXX")
      * BeanJoinPointFactory based on reflection for when AOP is not used/no container
      * BeanClassAdaptor that exposes and configures the BeanJoinPointFactory
      NOTE: Annotations that require container/aop/advice processing will be ignored
      * Add annotation override configuration to the BeanMetaData
      * Modify describe()/instantiate() state actions to use the ClassAdaptor (see two phase JoinPointFactory)
      * Add Array/Collection/Set/List/Map to the BeanMetaData (also need to fix the
      BeanMetaData to use a vistor pattern when analysing dependencies so we don't
      have to change this routine everytime the BeanMetaData changes)
      * Implement GenericBeanFactory for indirect bean construction but still under "IOC"
      * Add lifecycle and annotations for @CreateLifecyle/@StartLifeCycle/etc.