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    AOP XML Configuration

    Bill Burke Master

      How would I support XML fragments with the BeanXMLDeployer? It looks like the deployer requires a complete document. I want to do something like this:

      <aspect class="org.jboss.aspects.TransactionDemarcation">
       <constructor factoryMethod="createSimpleBean">
       <factory value="SimpleBeanFactory"/>
       <parameter type="org.jboss.test.kernel.xml.support.SimpleBean">
       <inject bean="SimpleBean2"/>
       <property name="stuff">1</property>

      From this a GenericBeanFactory would be created with the above metadata. It doesn't look like BeanXMLDeployer/JBossXB could support this as it looks like it requires a full document.

      It looks like I'll need to have a JBossXB deployer for AOP and extend it. This would probably require refactoring BeanSchemaBinding so that I can reuse it within an AOP SchemaBinding. (Making it a concrete class with factory methods I can override and such).

      Ok, I think I know what to do...Let me know if you have any better ideas.