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    JBoss Bean Deployer - Kernel Scope

    Adrian Brock Master

      This issue is really a simple version of something that I wanted to have
      on running on top of the kernel. i.e. the notion of multiple "kernels" in different
      application contexts that can delegate to each other.

      This was something that was started in system2,
      see org.jboss.beans
      but not really developed to anything useable.

      I'm not sure that this is something we are going to resolve fully in the initial

      The first issue is kernel sharing which can be viewed in two different ways:
      1) Kernel Isolation
      i.e. which kernel to use
      * JVM level
      * Top level deployment
      * My deployment
      this will probably require some link into the classloading config to make sense
      unless we just let users do what they want and let them sort it out themselves
      if the kernels are trying to share across incompatible classloaders

      2) Named kernels
      i.e. we let people share kernels by naming the kernels
      in a similar way to loader repositories

      The second issue is "stacking" kernels,
      i.e. should the kernel delegate to parent or look locally first, and what
      is the kernel's parent(s)?