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    Bill Burke Master

      Would it be possible to add a shutdown method to Kernel so that there is an easy way to undeploy everything? Or is there already one? (don't want to save and iterate through all KernelDeployments)

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          Adrian Brock Master

          The only place this exists currently is in the JBoss Bean Deployer.

          I was planning that this should go in the yet to be written profile service,
          but I don't see why this shouldn't also be in the plain deployer for people that
          don't want to use the profile service.

          I would think that this should also include an optional registration of a shutdown hook
          for when people press ctrl-c, KILL TERM, etc.

          The only issue would be that it makes the assumption that there is only one deployer
          per kernel or one kernel per JVM, which is something I don't want to assume.