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    Integration of JBossSerialization and Microcontainer reposit

    Clebert Suconic Master

      I'm looking in how to use Microcontainer's repository as the metadata for JBossSerialization, and I got a couple of questions:

      - First question I had was about availability of jboss-microcontainer.jar under 4.0. The only place I found jboss-microcontainer.jar under 4.0 was under bean-deployer, and I'm not sure if I can use that anywhere on the container.

      - How to get a metadata instance for something not described by a XML?

      - And finally, my understandin was, to build MC, should I build jboss-head? I was trying to download just microcontainer module was getting some ant errors:

      C:\cygwin\home\csuconic\jboss-40-eclipse\tools\etc\buildmagic\buildmagic.ent:435: Reference jboss.container.classpath not found

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          Adrian Brock Master

          The project you want IS the container module not the kernel module.
          The container module contains all the useful abstractions.

          It was developed as a part of the microcontainer project and for the
          microcontainer project but it is not a part of the microcontainer itself.

          For the rest, I'll refer to Tom's thread.
          Basically, if you guys continue to post duplicate questions rather
          than using search, I'll move your posts to the user's forums.