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    Deployer relative order - common place

    Ales Justin Master

      I can see that we have method 'int getRelativeOrder()' in both interfaces - Deployer and StructureDeployer.

      Should we make it a common interface RelativeOrdered or something - also reducing on duplicate Comparator - and that both Deployers will extend it?

      I think it would also be good to keep all our orders in the same place - in this RelativeOrdered - or at least in the Deployers interfaces. Thinking from users perspective - a quick overview of orders, and how should he order his own Deployers.

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          Scott Stark Master

          Probably a good idea on the refactored interface. I'm in the middle of changing the structural deployers so I can throw this in a well.

          The ordering really needs to be an external configuration that gets injected into the deployers. Right now its a hard-coded property in most deployers. The bean with the ordering configuration can be the centralized location in a given server configuration.