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    MainDeployer changes to reflect deployment structure

    Scott Stark Master

      Rather than simply add a parent notion to the DeploymentUnit, I want to change the notion of a top-level deployment to be a org.jboss.util.graph.Graph and have the deployment unit relationships mirrored in the various views:

      - Structural deployers produces a Graph<ContextInfo> rather than a StructureMetaData instance of ContextInfo.
      - StructureBuilder produces a Graph<DeploymentContext> from the Graph<ContextInfo>
      - MainDeployer.process produces a Graph<DeploymentUnit>
      - The management view of a Graph<DeploymentUnit> is a Graph<ManagedObject>
      - The diff between the base Graph<DeploymentUnit> and application of a admin change set in terms of a Graph<ManagedObject> is a Graph<Attachments>

      This should really only affect the StructureDeployers, MainDeployer and ProfileService. Deployers would still operate on a DeploymentUnit, and existing usage of the DeploymentUnit.getDeploymentContext.getParent() would simply use the Graph(DeploymentUnit). This would be accessible from the DeploymentUnit.