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    Productization of MC 2.0.0

    Scott Stark Master

      A discussion came up today about how to start productizing the MC. One sticking point is the current jbossbuild release which bundles several very different artifacts. We do need to split up the mc project into finer grained consumables to allow more mature pieces to be released and used independent of features driven by jboss5 for example. The break up is described here:

      In this thread I want to discuss what pieces we focus on productizing first. Ales believes the core dependency/ioc layers are well defined and should be productized, and that we need to start documenting it. I would agree, and would like to create an overview of the mc architecture as a starting point. This needs to be tied into configuration usecases like the spring, osgi integration, bean deployer, jboss-service rewrite in jboss5, as well as how future notions like scoped kernels fit in.

      The various mc products needs to be defined and the project dependencies aligned to avoid pulling in things like managed, metatype where we are not ready.