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    Aliases tests

    Ales Justin Master

      Where is the generic test mentioned in JBMICROCONT-173?
      - http://jira.jboss.com/jira/browse/JBMICROCONT-173

      What all would you like to test?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          The "generic" tests are in the dependency module:

          1) Add an alias for a context with a "bad" ObjectName

          2) Rewrite the "iDepend" on when it is a "bad" ObjectName

          These should handle all the problems (and remove the need to do this in system-jmx)
          but we need similar concrete tests that the "inject", "depends", etc. actually
          work in the POJO metadata.

          It should just be a case of "copying" all the basic dependency tests in
          to make two new tests that follow the same pattern as the generic tests.
          1) good dependency name depends on bad bean name
          2) bad dependency name depends on good bean name

          All those tests could really do with some refactoring to make them more easily
          extendable and reusable (and remove OldAbstractDependencyTest).
          Besides not being easily extensible, there's also lots of repeated code
          in them as well. :-(

          But that is an optional part of the task. :-)