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    Adrian Brock Master

      I've committed the inital cut at the VFSClassLoaderPolicy

      It's likely the final version will be more integrated with the VDF's classpath
      structure information rather than directly taking VFS urls,
      but at least the current class shows how to integrate the VFS with the new

      With this class done, we pretty much have all the functionality of the
      UnifiedClassLoader using the VFS.

      With OSGi style rules as well.

      Although it would need a subclass of this class
      to allow much of the policy to be set.

      JBOSGI-15 will almost certainly include more fine grained filtering
      like the MockClassLoaderPolicy in the classloader tests.
      e.g. excluding individual classes (not just from what is exported/imported
      but what the classloader itself can see in the "private" classes).