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    AOP Dependency on container metadata

    Kabir Khan Master

      I'm trying to get a publicly downloadable AOP 2.0.0.alpha5 release together, and one of the main things stopping me at the moment is getting it to deploy in JBoss 4.0.x. This is due to AOP's dependency on the MC metadata stuff, which obviously does not exist in the beans.deployer for JBoss 4. I don't want to force users to update to use the new beta MC jars there.

      There is a jboss-container-metadata-spi.jar that is generated as part of the container build which I think would provide the classes that are needed to get it to run, but that is unreleased and does not exist in any of the maven/thirdparty repositories. Are there any plans for some kind of beta release of this sometime soon?

      I also need to support JDK 1.4, so I need a retroed version of the spi as well.