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    Reworking the XML parsing

    Adrian Brock Master

      I've completed the testing of the JBossXB parser using JAXB annotations.

      This should remove a lot of code from the MIcrocontainer project, in particular most of
      the code that sets up the xml parsing.

      It also allows for much cleaner implementations, e.g. the javabean parsing
      can now be implemented as an annotated factory

      The MC xml only requires three additional classes to parse the "simple types"
      that don't have property editors (cardinality, controllermode and controllerstate) e.g.
      the rest is just annotations, even the polymorphism :-)

      I'd also suggest we reimplement the GenericBeanFactory to be a BeanMetaDataFactory
      since it makes the implemetation much cleaner:

      Before this can be done, it needs a release of the jbossxb-builder project
      and I need to write some docs on how to use the additional annotations
      that are JBossXB specific