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    Annotation Deployer

    Bill Burke Master

      I want to create two deployers.

      * An annotation deployer that creates a map of Javassist ClassFile objects for all classes in the Deployment Unit's classpath and attaches this map to the DeploymentUnit. Annotation driven deployers like EJB3, would use this cache to scan for annotations. This deployer exists solely for performance reasons. We don't want more than one deployer scanning and reparsing .class files to create Javassist objects just to figure out whether it should process the archive. Another feature of the deployer woudl be the ability to fine tune scanning.

      - A META-INF/.noscan file. If this file exists in the archive, the annotation deployer will not create the javassist cache. (no scanning)

      - A META-INF/.ignore-scan file that allows you to list archives you don't want scanned.

      * The second deployer is just to clean up this cache.

      I've had a few people complain about boottime performance both on forums and support cases. This would help to alleviate this problem.