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    JBMICROCONT-99 Classloader for AbstractAnnotationMetaData to

    Kabir Khan Master

      We currently use the TCL to load up the annotation

       public Annotation getAnnotationInstance()
       //FIXME [JBMICROCONT-99] [JBAOP-278] Use the loader for the bean?
       ann = (Annotation)AnnotationCreator.createAnnotation(annString, Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader());

      Is this a correct assumption? Since this is called as part of the PreInstallAction, I am not sure if we have other choices at this stage?

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          Adrian Brock Master

          No. The api needs changing to pass in the classloader.

          You should be using:


          That method will return the TCL if there is nothing configured for the bean/deployment.

          It is a requirement that this works in PRE_INSTALL

          see AbstractClassLoaderMetaData

           public void initialVisit(MetaDataVisitor visitor)