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    AnnotatedElementMetaDataLoader missing impl

    Ales Justin Master

      I think AnnotatedElementMetaDataLoader class is missing implementation:
      I get top level MetaDataRetrieval for current bean instance.
      I then check for each method on top level's MetaDataRetrieval with getComponentMetaDataRetrieval.
      And I would then expect to check for method's parameters ComponentMetaDataRetrieval on method's MetaDataRetrieval.

      The code that's missing is:

       public MetaDataRetrieval getComponentMetaDataRetrieval(Signature signature)
       if (annotated instanceof Method)
       if (signature instanceof MethodParametersSignature)
       Method method = (Method)annotated;
       Annotation[][] paramAnnotations = method.getParameterAnnotations();
       MethodParametersSignature sig = (MethodParametersSignature) signature;
       return new SimpleMetaDataLoader(paramAnnotations[sig.getParam()]);