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    FileStructure and FileMatcher

    Adrian Brock Master

      A while ago we discussed adding FileMatcher "incallbacks" to the FileStructure
      so we automatically added recognised file suffixes as subdeployments.

      But this wasn't completed properly. Instead of making all
      AbstractParsingDeployerWithOutputs (which knows about suffixes)
      into FileMatcher implementations, only the bean shell deployer does this.

      If we did this for every parsing deployer, then there would be no need for any hardwiring
      in the FileStructure, e.g. -ds.xml and -service.xml

      It would also correctly fail those deployments when the relevant parsing deployer
      wasn't present. e.g. currently it will add -ds.xml as a subdeployment even
      if the DataSource deployer isn't installed and then fail it with
      "nobody processed the subdeployment" later on.

      An additional request from Mark Newton is to apply the file matching process
      to top level deployments as well.

      Currently we allow a top level deployment to be called anything,
      but that doesn't mean it will be correctly processed if the parsing deployer
      doesn't recognise it.

      The reasoning behind this was that I didn't want to have configure all
      the suffixes in two places (the FileStructure and the ParsingDeployer),
      but if the above change is implemented this argument goes away.