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    AbstractManagedObjectFactory needs to be refactored

    Scott Stark Master

      The current org.jboss.managed.plugins.factory.AbstractManagedObjectFactory has too much going on to be reusable. In particular, the InstanceClassFactory(Serializable), ManagedObjectPopulator(Serializable) parameterized interfaces cannot be changed by subclasses, for example, this cannot be done:

      public class LocalDSInstanceClassFactory extends AbstractManagedObjectFactory
       implements InstanceClassFactory<LocalDataSourceDeploymentMetaData>
       ManagedObjectFactory mof = ManagedObjectFactory.getInstance();
       LocalDSInstanceClassFactory icf = new LocalDSInstanceClassFactory();
       mof.setInstanceClassFactory(LocalDataSourceDeploymentMetaData.class, icf);

      Either the AbstractManagedObjectFactory needs to keep the interface paramterization, or the default implementations need to be plugins with different base classes. I'm working on the latter local to the jbossas/connector project to validate what works.