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    State of the Microcontainer

    Adrian Brock Master


      I'm down to three tasks on the classloading before I start integrating it into the appserver.

      * The management features
      * The subdeployment level classloader
      * The dyanmic import stuff for OSGi

      There's a couple of other things I want to get done, such as:

      1) Fixing the hack that currently allows AOP to takeover the constructor joinpoint
      of the MC
      2) Something I discussed with Alex such that schema bindings and their use
      can be in one file. But Alex is on holiday until next Tuesday.
      i.e. this is so you can do

      <deployment xmlns:jbossxb="urn:jboss:xml:2.0"
       jbossxb:schemaclasses="urn:whatever com.acme.SomeClass"
       <whatever xmlns='urn:whatever"/>

      Currently you have to preconfigure the schema resolver in a different file
      to make the wildcard (or not defined in factory settings) schemas work.

      This issue first came up with trying to define the @JMX attribute in
      bootstrap-beans.xml which was impossible because the aop namespace
      wasn't configured and there was no previous configuration file
      in which to define it. ;-)


      So it looks like I'll be integrating it all (and testing) next week.

      I need to know whether there is anything funny or incomplete in the current MC codebase
      and that nobody's going to do a major piece of work (or breakage ;-) during this period?

      I know we didn't do an release for Beta4 because things weren't ready,
      so I except to find a few funnies.

      Speak now....