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    New deployer stages

    Adrian Brock Master

      I've added three new deployer stages.


      Some people are still doing processing in the Parsing Deployer which doesn't get
      invoked if the metadata is predetermined.
      You can use a POST_PARSE deployer to do this extra work
      (regardless of where the metadata came from).


      This is mainly just for setting the default classloading rules.


      We discussed the possiblity of this on a different thread.
      It basically allows the construction of two stage real deployers
      like the two stage classloading.

      i.e. PRE_REAL determines what dependencies should be satisifed
      before the deployment moves to the REAL stage.

      In practice the PRE_REAL is just a hack, since these dependencies
      should be defined on the POJOs rather than the deployments if you've done
      it properly. But it should allow the temporary/partial fixing of some problems
      until it is fixed properly.