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    Changing dependencies in poms

    Adrian Brock Master

      When you update build/pom.xml to change a version of a related project
      can you please:

      1) Create a JIRA issue for it and link to the release notes for that release.
      2) Update the relevant .classpath files

      (1) Is a new requirement for all JBoss Projects.

      There is a JIRA issue type of "Thirdparty Changes"
      this should be created holder task for subtasks of type "Component Upgrade"

      I've created a new component type called "Release" for the MC project
      to which these can assigned.

      Here's an example

      NOTE: This is also a requirement for thirdparty jars.
      I'd recommend you copy the release notes into the task for thirdparty
      jars since there's no guarantee any thirdparty link will remain valid
      over the long term.

      (2) is optional, but it would be friendly, otherwise we end up with different
      subprojects referencing different versions (e.g. because only one uses a new feature)
      and Eclipse gets confused when running tests or showing source.


      This does not apply to snapshot releases. We do NOT reference
      snapshots from our official releases. They will get a JIRA issue
      when we include the non-snapshot release.