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    JBMC 2.0.0.Beta11

    Adrian Brock Master

      The Beta11 and CR1 releases down to 9 issues.



      If you ignore the release tasks
      JBMICROCONT-71/77 look to be complete?
      JBMICROCONT-217 also looks complete?
      JBMICROCONT-152 is probably really a fix in JBoissAS

      Which leaves

      JBMICROCONT-262 - field injection
      JBMICROCONT-200 - problem with AOP proxies


      Besides the aop work and its knock on tasks, none of the CR1
      looks like it even needs to be 2.0.0.GA?

      JBMICROCONT-28 - BeanMetaData as ValueMetaData - this looks like an unimplemented edge case?
      JBMICROCONT-22 - Related Classes - a potential edge case within AOP
      JBMICROCONT-25 - Configurator tidyup - like it says just tidyup

      So most of what is left seems to be AOP? i.e. the parsing/deployment and a fix to the proxies.