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    Reliance jBPM - flow definition / bean lifecycle

    Ales Justin Master

      Defining flow / bean lifecycle
      1) jPDL file
      2) programmatic
      3) from database
      4) custom MC xml --> new schema --> jbossxb.builder
      All 4 would then require new deployer(s), but should be trivial to implement.

      Flow states
      We should be able to add additional states - besides the existing ControllerStates.
      This would then require matching ControllerContextAction(s), to be used when registering new ControllerContext.

      Transparent way to link bean to use the flow
      1) annotation usage, e.g. @Flow("some-flow-name")
      2) custom xml
      The first one looks good enough, specially since we are able to have annotations declared in xml for instance usage or pre Java5.

      Flow action/nodes integrated with MC IoC
      1) cross injection
      1a) injection of existing MC beans into action/nodes
      1b) action/nodes are plain MC beans used in flow definition
      2) extension of existing jPDL schema

      1) Transition ==> DependencyItem
      1) Action ==> DependencyItem